Workforce Management

We provide a range of support solutions that will enable any sized organisation to achieve peak levels of personnel productivity. Our robust management platforms can identify, track, assign and feedback output levels from individuals, departments through to organisational KPI’s and KPO’s. Not only is the system integrated with internal processes, but it also allows business leaders to manage external resources such as contractors and ad-hoc staff.

Everything is done in real time or automated for ease of communication and efficient use of resources – from progress monitoring, performance analysis to auto-generation of critical elements such as job scheduling, assignment and tracking. What this means is that business leaders and project heads do not miss a beat; the system takes care of everything from a micro to macro level of management.

Business Benefits

  • Enables efficient communication to facilitate task assignment, fix critical issues, deploy new instruction or information and talk in real time to agents on the ground.
  • Automate processes such as scheduling, tracking and reporting.
  • Achieve information superiority which allows for critical operations to be deployed, such as checking officers knowing when to conduct site inspections.
  • Analyse job performance and make adjustments on the fly
  • Combuilder's Workforce Management reduces manual work, increases first contact resolution, improves resolution time for ad-hoc call situation handling productivity, and helps you deliver on your service level agreements within budget.

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