Real-Time Project Messaging Communication Platform

For any sized project, the ability to communicate in real time could save cost, avert foreseeable crisis and improve efficiency to optimal levels. Our RPSMP solution proves an integrated communication platform that allows critical end-to-end communication from project heads and team leaders to all their assets on the ground. Communication is customisable, meaning that “chats” can be initiated to specific parties or groups within the system itself, which cuts through unwanted noise and enables the gathering of specific data associated with a project or job scope.

The full suite of services for the platform also includes the ability to upload files, record audio messages, set up alerts and notifications in case a message is missed, obtain real time data and browse historical communication – all through an easy to use interface.

Business Benefits

  • Faster response times, efficient and customisable communication experience.
  • Project tracking can be done on the go with multiple devices
  • Creates an optimised project atmosphere where all assets are in full communication with one another.
  • Clear project reporting

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