Wireless Tracking & Supervisory System (WTSS)

Work smarter and manage time efficiently with our WTSS solution. Either from a work station or mobile device, the system allows business owners to monitor their agents, contractors and other manpower resources, no matter where they are. It also allows for direct engagement and digital conversation with all members tagged within the system, whereby business owners can assign ad-hoc job assignments, disseminate instructions, track movements and overall gain a “big picture” of project objectives.

WTSS also boasts a Geographical Scoping Solution, a precise “point and track” programme that allows leaders to assign a specific geographical scope-of-work, and can even notify them if and when someone is travelling or working out of their assigned areas.


Business Benefits

  • Achieve optimal workforce conditions with real-time tracking data of deployed resources and system alerts.
  • Urgent real time workforce resource deployment base on proximity to problem occurance thereby achieveing maximum customer satisfaction
  • Increase time efficiency with direct communication technology.
  • Enable mobile workforce attendance taking base on geoscoping
  • Optimise all assets and create an evolved management environment, leading to increased customer satisfaction by reducing labour costs and improve overall service.
  • Capture working hours of each personnel, manage workloads and provide incentives to staff, all through the WTSS system.


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