Asset Management-Enterprise Resource Planning (AM-ERP)

(AM/ERP) is Combuilder’s property management and monitoring platform that allows project leaders to track valuable assets that range from equipment to intangible asset across the working environment. Acting as a single reference point, it creates a library of items that can be individually tagged with technologies such as RFID, QR Code, and has an information rich database that tracks and send alerts to respective parties for any changes to location, service schedules, maintenance reports, contract expiry date and other critical elements.

Whether you are reporting to senior management, a government agency, auditors, or government authority, you are accountable for the status and value of your organisation's fixed assets. Those assets can take the form of buildings, machinery, computers and other electronic equipment, office furnishings, even assets you build. AM/ERP will allow you to pull out customisable asset reports of its purchase value, quantity and also its relevant information. 

Business Benefits

  • Ease of checking and reporting on assets by simply scanning QR Code, automatically registering and logging any problems found.
  • Cost-effective solution for deployment, operations, maintenance and upgrading of assets.
  • Gives businesses better financial control over valuable assets.
  • Allows for future planning of hardware and software needs.
  • Increased productivity as all aspects of maintenance and reporting will be handled by the system, eliminating unneeded manual work.

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