• 22 Jul 2015

Beijing Traffic Control Center

In recent years, with the rapid development of all major domestic urban rail transit construction, rail network operators have gradually moved into the era of multi-operator network management. In contrast to single-line business model, the coordination of the network capacity allocation conditions, coordination among the various train routes become more difficult and complex, and with the rapid increase in passenger traffic, leads to greater pressure and risk for road network operators is inevitable.

Beijing traffic command center uses a system to manage the operations to serve their clients, which compliance with the National Rail Transport Authority requirements and also obtain solution certification. The system enables the entire Beijing rail transit network to be optimized, achieving network security, and high-efficiency and balance transport target. 

Rail Operations Command Center acts as the central Beijing rail transport network performing a coordinating role, they are able to use the present control system to coordinate and issue commands to the various railway routes and operators. In everyday situations, mainly to provide coordination and assistance functions. In emergency situations such as disaster situation occur two or more routes, their main responsibility is to provide support to the operators to manage the situation and act on behalf as government to exercise command to manage the crisis. This solution provides integrated monitoring, coordination between multi-track line and operators, ability to provide emergency command, information sharing and other business functions