Simulation and Modeling System

An intuitive and capable platform, the simulation and modeling system is a great enabler for users to create large scale 3D models of infrastructures, buildings and even rail-way systems. The robust and high-end display allows for study and simulation of critical elements such as human traffic flow, congestions and evacuation routes. It also aids in recognising any architectural problems that may need to be changed to ease traffic and avert disaster.

The simulation and modeling system can be used in a variety of ways such as Capacity Planning, Business Interruption Assessment, Exploring Alternative Operational Modes, Scheduling and Rostering and so on. The best time to use simulation and modelling system is when processes that involve variability, disruptions and interaction complexity.

"Modeling in science" by Marcello donatelli

Business Benefits

  • Allows for efficient and cost-effective planning for infrastructure development through identification of human congestion, architectural problems and optimal routes.
  • Efficient planning of evacuation routes in case of an emergency.

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