Building Management & Automation System

The universe is expending right inside your building. The complex needs and systems of your building is growing day by day,  each day you are challenged to manage multiple networks, systems and control components without sacrificing efficiency, comfort, productivity, or the flexibility to grow in the future. A good Building Automation System(BAS) can help reduce your operating costs. But in addition to energy management, a BAS adds automated control and management to other building operations, such as fire and safety, security, and elevator, making emergency situations easier to react and handle.

Maintaining control of the critical components of a building is key in ensuring a comfortable and safe operational environment for all assets within that particular space. Combuilder utilises a Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) to monitor elements such as energy output, lighting, air quality, gas detection, HVAC and smoke management.

The platform ensures safety with a bespoke alert system that tags responsible and respective units with information such as location and CCTV footage should a crisis such as a fire or breakdown occur within the building. It also promotes a “green” environment, tracking energy output and ensuring no wastage and total efficiency in consumption.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce overall operational and energy costs
  • Achieve optimised use of resources and increase in productivity by streamlining operations.
  • Achieving eco-friendly status
  • Ensure peak levels of comfort and safety
  • Achieve excellent response times in case of emergencies
  • Ability to link of a series of building to form clusters, and clusters to region to a central command facility for centralised management

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